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Elk Hunting in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania‘s  has the largest free ranging  elk herds east of the Mississippi, and one of the most sought after tags for the huge bulls that roam here.    The herd  numbers  over  1,000  and  occupies  a  3,500  square  mile  Elk  Management  Area  that  includes  14  Elk  Hunting  Zones  (EHZ).    The  PA  Game  Commission  has done  a  remarkable  job  in  managing  the  state’s  herd,  and  it  shows  in  the  quality  of  the  trophy  elk  that  we  have  the  privilege  to guide  for.  

In  2019  the  elk  season  was  expanded  to  include  a  2  week  archery  season  in  mid  September  during  the  rut.    Along  with  the  regular  season  in  November,  a  late  cow  season  was  opened  in  the  first  week  of  January  2020.

Both  new  season  were  a  tremendous  success.    The  3  sesaons  will  again  be in  the  2020-2021  hunting  seasons!

We  look  forward  to  all  the  excitement  of  guiding  your  PA  bull and  cow  elk  hunts.    Our  goal  is  to  make  your  hunt  of  a  lifetime  memorable  and  successful,  we  will  work  hard  to  guide  you  to  your  trophy  PA  elk !

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Our Guides

All the Trophy Rack guides are local  avid outdoorsmen who are experienced and dedicated to making your hunt successful.  They  set  trail  cams,  check  out  hunting  territory,  share  information  that  they gather  with  each  other  and  work  as  a  team  before  and  during  the  hunt.  They  will  provide  you  with  personal  service  and  friendly  hospitality.    Our  guides  know  where  to  find  the  finest  bulls  in  your  zone!

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Our Knowlege and Experience

Owners  Larry  and  Vicki  Guenot established a successful hunting  preserve  in  2003  until  2016.   Larry  had  spent  his  entire  life  hunting  in  the  heart  of  the  PA  wild  elk  range  and  has  seen  it’s  herd  spread  and  multiply.    This  naturally  expanded  to  guiding  for  the  PA wild  elk  hunt  in  2009.   He  knows  the  rugged  land  of  the  area  known  as  the  PA  Wilds  and  our  long  standing  results  show  it!     The  preparation  for  elk  season  starts  long  before  opening  day.    He  plants  food  plots,  establishes  relationships  with  landowners,  scouts, hires  experienced elk guides  and  organizes  our  team. 

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Record Book Elk

 TRL  hunters  Bob Cook above, David Kurtz lower left and Ron Marney, lower right,  Steve  Winters,  bottom.    All  have a  place  in  the  PA  record  book!

Elk hunter and PA bull elk
Elk hunter, record PA bull elkl
Elk guide , elk hunter, kPA bull elk

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*photo  courtesy  of  Mark  Nale